“In the short space of time that Pete has been working with me, only a matter of six weeks, I have been delighted and impressed by the progress and improvement he has been able to help me achieve post hip-operation.

His approach is clear, evidence-based and systematic, but also feels personal and tailored to my individual needs (and weaknesses.)

I really like Pete’s positive approach and mindset and can honestly say I look forward to my sessions with him. As a ‘middle-aged, non-performance athlete’, I feel I receive the same care and focus as any top-notch sportsperson, and the goal is always what will improve my daily life in tangible, achievable ways.

Highly recommend him to anyone.

– Dr Pete Corish

“After struggling with left hip/glute/hamstring pain for 3-4 years I was resigned to the fact that this was something that I had to live with, until I found Pete.

Now I’m virtually pain free, can move more freely and feel so much stronger.”

– Lisa Bass

“After a hiking accident and a severe quad tendon tear requiring re-attachment with surgery I was out of physio rehab but there was a gap in my capacity and confidence to exercise, being unable to return to full activity.

I was recommended Pete through a friend who had managed to return to sports post ankle operation.

Through a mix of face to face and online sessions my movement was assessed and specific exercises were designed to safely return strength and balance.

Isolated work progressively improved my confidence and control until specific sporting movements were introduced.

It took several months but the progress was fairly consistent and I was able to run short distances and cycle for several hours.

Now after 6 months I have returned to pre- injury levels of endurance activity, cycled to Tenby (100+miles) and now running 5k around my PB time, pain free.

I’d thoroughly recommend Pete to anyone wanting to return to sport post injury, he’s very patient and his skill in observing your movement and then tailoring how to work on weaknesses is brilliant.”

– John Cook, Cardiff, UK

I found Pete after struggling with knee rehab following a meniscectomy and micro-fracture procedure.

It felt like no matter how much physio I did, it wasn’t making any difference to my recovery.

Pete took time to understand what movements were contributing to my pain and analysed my movement patterns to identify how I could move out of pain.

There was no blanket “you just need to strengthen x muscles”, which was the only approach I’d been offered previously.

He really knows his stuff and will continually adapt your programme to ensure changing movement patterns are incorporated into ongoing progress and improvement.

My only regret is not finding Pete sooner!”

– Laura Fergusson

“Pete has helped me so much – from fixing the issues with my squat that has completely got shot of the pain in my lower back.

My hip & overhead mobility has increased so much and I am now performing movements at such a better level without any pain.”  

– Kevin Onions

“Pete has been fantastic! With his help and training I’ve overcome a 2 year prolonged injury in 6 weeks.

The injury would prevent me from performing compound lifts such as squat and deadlift, numerous MRIs and ultrasounds in and around the area found nothing.

10+ trigger point acupuncture treatments decreased the pain but it kept coming back. I knew there was an underlying issue that was potentially caused by my movement pattern or muscular imbalances.

Came across Pete through Instagram at my gym, saw he helped people overcome injuries by training and correcting imbalances so looked like a good fit.

Delighted with my progress, I can now front squat, back squat and lunge pain free – something I couldn’t of done just before Christmas.

Finally getting a good connection in my target muscles. Pete’s helped break down movement patterns as they should be performed and has a keen eye for what’s going wrong and more importantly how to fix it!

Wish I found him earlier!”

– Jon Scrivens

After 2 years of shoulder pain and different treatments I’m now getting back to doing lots of CrossFit and gymnastics. This is all due to a thorough assessment, applicable rehab exercises and not being afraid to change your approach if something isn’t working!

This is the first time in this 2 years where my shoulder is feeling consistently better and I’m no longer dreading jumping up on to the rig. Thank you!”

Nicole Hagan – Coach, Reebok CrossFit Cardiff

“I first met Pete in September 2021, he had been recommended to me by a friend as I had been having SI, Coccyx, Groin and Hip problems for well over a year.

I had seen Consultants, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Massage therapists with no significant long term relief. I was in a pretty grim place!!

The first session was a “trial” session for me to find out what Pete’s work was all about. As an ex PE Teacher I was intrigued.

Pete’s in depth knowledge on pain and movement is second to none and I decided to give a series of sessions a go and I have been going to Pete ever since. 

I cannot stress how pleased I am with my progress.

Week on week there have been improvements in the quality of movement and management of pain. Pete has provided me with the tools to help myself.

Each session comes with “movement homework” which I mostly do religiously.

I now walk more fluidly as I don’t have to guard against the pain I used to have. I almost feel back to how I used to be.

In fact all the pain in my Groins, SI joint and hip has mostly gone.

I couldn’t be happier, I am more flexible, fitter and able to do all the things I used to enjoy.

Thank you Pete.”

– Fiona Mills

So, in case you’re wondering whether this is the real deal or not, it is.

I’m a Physio myself, but have not yet found another Physio that has been able to help me with my chronic overuse injuries from running.

Pete spends so much time over the movement analysis, both in person and with video footage, to make sure he is on the right track.

He is very dynamic and interactive with me and we always talk through what we’re doing and why we are doing it – and he gives me plenty of work to do at home.

You can see when working with him that he is really passionate about what he does and wanting to see his clients improve. To put it simply: an all round great guy who really knows what he’s talking about. You won’t be disappointed.

Dani Cocking – Physiotherapist & 800m Runner

“It’s difficult to put into words what Sport Function has done for me. I went to Pete with a history of knee injuries from basketball. An incomplete rehab process after surgeries during which I never fully recovered – and all of the issues that followed.

I’ve tried every physio in town, only to find out their approach never actually worked for me. I was looking for somebody who would drill down and treat the cause rather than the resulting problem, because I knew it would only keep occurring if I didn’t find what was causing it.

Pete has a very customised, agile and responsive approach to his work – no two clients are alike! He appreciates the unique biomechanics of the body and helps identify movements that are comfortable or uncomfortable. Not only is he very knowledgeable but you can see how he applies what he knows during each session depending on what your body and certain movements are indicating.

What I loved most is the fact that he educated me along the process. He was able to explain, jargon free, why I was feeling discomfort during certain moves, and then helped me overcome this and build a better me.

The physical improvement is a fact – I still do my specific homework every other day and always before a basketball game! But what’s even more remarkable in my case is that I no longer worry about my old injuries and I no longer think that the way I move is broken.

It is simply my way, which now thanks to Pete is pain-free! I feel confident and fearless.”

– Victoria Agova

I started seeing Pete a few weeks ago after sustaining ankle ligament damage when playing rugby.I was having difficulty walking, going up/down stairs, driving, even just moving my ankle due to pain.

After one session with Pete my ankle improved and has continued to every week I now don’t have any difficulty with the tasks I mentioned and can complete them all pain-free. I understand the importance of rehabilitation as I am a Physiotherapist myself but everyone sometimes need a little extra help.

Working on increasing ankle range of movement, foot movement mechanics and stability combined with some additional hip work my ankle has improved significantly and I am sure I will return to playing rugby in the near future with Pete’s help. Using a variety of equipment from a Gripr to CMT this has improved my own knowledge in rehabilitation. Thank you!

Katie Davies, Physiotherapist

Pete is fantastic! I was having trouble with my knees and my shoulder but after a couple of sessions he has identified the problems that were causing my pain and has helped to fix the breakdown in my movements.

I am now pain free in my shoulder, the pain in my knees is going and I’m squatting more effectively.

As a powerlifter it is so important to move efficiently so that I can increase my strength efficiently without getting injured. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone experiencing pain and any athletes looking to improve their performance.

Sabrina Moore – Global Powerlifting Committee GB British Champion (Female Raw 67.5kg)”

Prior to working with Pete, like many people, I based my training programme on a combination of “conventional wisdom” and the results of online research into sports science trends (which is a minefield of often-unqualified opinion).

Pete is very good at focusing on specific training objectives, tailoring one-to-one sessions accordingly. It’s a very different approach and makes perfect, logical sense when explained by Pete.

Regarding my sessions, I’ve had a history of groin and hip flexor injuries and tried many different rehab strategies, with limited success. Amongst other things, Pete designed a warm-up routine that targets the area of my previous injuries and, whilst some of the movements make me look ridiculous, they have kept me injury free through a pretty tough training year (which seems like a fair trade).

I think most people start working with Pete as a form of injury rehabilitation and, presumably like most people, I spent only a small proportion of my sessions focusing on this rehab. The majority of the sessions were then spent on improving the primary skills required for my sport. So, I strongly recommend working with Pete if you have injuries to rehabilitate…but I also recommend working with Pete if you don’t have any injuries and simply wish to improve your performance.

Gareth Revell, Touch Player & Coach (Cardiff Raptors & Wales)

Pete is a top man and highly knowledgable. He helped fix an issue I’ve had with my ankle within one session. Lots of experience in the industry and he has become an expert in helping people move effectively.

I came to Pete for help increasing my overall mobility, which would improve my performance. Pete has helped change the way I look at my training and has encouraged me to explore movements that I usually would have avoided. He gives constructive feedback when I send him progress videos and appreciate his honest and approachable style of teaching. I would (and have), recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves at any level.

Sam O’Sullivan – Gym Owner at SOS Athletic Excellence

Pete has the knowledge and skills to tackle any problem or injury, as well as the patience of a saint!

I initially went to see him about my foot injury, and after assessing various movements he quickly found my issue.

His understanding of movement astounds me. Since working with Pete I have seen great improvements, and am amazed at how he is able to change my movements and improve the way I perform skills without the use of any foam rolling or trickery. It’s like someone’s sprayed WD40 into my joints and I’m walking on air!!

Definitely worth the money. My sessions don’t end when i leave the gym, Pete puts time and effort into making videos to show me how I can improve things on my own too. I can’t recommend him enough.

Sarah Leighton – @fit4adventure_

I have seen the best results with Pete and believe that functional injury rehab has given me the best outcome. I have had a shoulder injury for over a year and have seen many professionals but Pete was the first to make me pain free and show promising results. I have seen improvements in all aspects of my mobility; not just regarding my shoulder. I am recommending him to everyone I can!”

Sam Ventrice, CrossFit Games Regional Athlete

I’ve been working with Pete since the beginning of February, when I decided I wanted to up my game in roller derby. In this time I’ve seen drastic improvements in both my performance on track and my all-round athletic ability as a whole. He came and saw me train, assessed my movement/mobility and has constructed a plan unique to me. He’s been an invaluable source of knowledge and has made my sessions challenging but incredible fun. If you are looking to improve your sports performance, up your strength or rehabilitate from injury then Pete is the guy for you. Cannot recommend him enough!

Joanne Elizabeth – Tiger Bay Brawlers Roller Derby Player

I must first start by saying I cannot thank Pete enough for his time and continued help to improve my overall mobility and especially my hip mobility.

I compete in top level dressage competitions, so correct posture is of great importance to achieve accurate transitions with my horse and therefore gain high scores.

I have been riding since before I could even walk according to my parents and obviously over this time bad habits have crept in, one of my biggest being collapsing to the left, causing the saddle to twist and make clean transitions almost impossible. My horse would often strike off on the wrong leg, because my weight distribution in the saddle was incorrect.

I met Pete and he spotted my reduced mobility in the way I was running, although it has never caused me pain when I run, the decreased range of motion of my hip does have a knock on effect when I ride for a long period of time at competitions, causing me lumber pain.

I have been training with Pete for around 4 months now, working on every aspect of function and mobility that is affecting me, predominantly working on my squat technique, as this engages all of the range of motion I can find difficult when pushed out of my comfort zone.

It is very easy to think you are moving correctly but if you are asked to move in a motion you are not used to, you suddenly find that weakness and movement then suddenly becomes very difficult!
I can feel the results for myself, I am no longer getting lower back pain, my saddle is not twisting and my horse is obviously far happier!

My dressage instructor has seen a massive improvement in my riding technique and ability. I am over the moon and haven’t felt better!

Emma Hollingworth, Equestrian Competitor

Pete knows his stuff and managed to reduce my knee pain in minutes. He gives useful exercises to take away to continue the good work…making use of video was really helpful for this! Very knowledgable guy and highly recommended.

Caroline Morgan, Reebok CrossFit Cardiff

Had a session with Pete after my knee had been playing up for a few weeks. He was great! He went through lots of different exercises and identified my problem. I’m now much more aware of how I’m moving whilst exercising. Definitely recommend! Thanks Pete

Poppy Mansfield

I can thoroughly recommend Pete to help with sports injuries. Pete has helped me to return to regular running after severe knee pain. And you don’t even have to be in the same place to have an appointment!

I had to pull out marathon training because of a knee injury. I had consulted several people, sports therapists, GP, podiatrist etc., but nothing seemed to help. I heard about Pete through a recommendation so I thought it was worth giving him a try.

As Pete is based in Cardiff and I am in Torbay, we agreed to have a Skype consultation. He asked for a video of me running in advance. In fact, he was the first of the 7 people I have consulted who actually wanted to see me running! This gave me some confidence and meant that he was prepared and already had an idea of my problems before we started.

Having a Skype consultation was surprisingly unproblematic – it took a little longer the first time to make sure everything was visible, but after that it worked very well. Pete put me through a series of tests and constantly asked me for feedback. He used the feedback to adapt the exercises to obtain more information about my flexibility. He then gave a clear analysis of what he thought the problem was and what I needed to do to improve it. He talked me through a daily set of exercises to improve flexibility and then sent follow-up information to consolidate this.

The whole process was focused and professional. In fact, the Skype route probably made the process more efficient, because there is no need for either of us to travel, and less scope for other distractions. And best of all, I am now running without pain again.

Roger Matthews

Having heard great things about Pete and his sports therapy I was keen to seek his help with a recurring knee, lower back and shoulder problem. He was helpful right from the start and his hands on approach was just what I needed. He assessed all my movements and talked me through exactly what was going on in a way that I could understand and make sense of.

I really felt that even after a short time into our session, Pete was really making a difference to the way I walk and move. Not only that, he gave me thorough breakdown of what I need to work on at home. I was keen to apply everything he prescribed and I am already noticing significant improvements in my movements. I am confident that Pete will really help me and I cannot wait to do further work with him.

Rebecca Edwards – Owner, SOS Athletic Excellence

Having struggled with a long term nagging hamstring/glute injury and weakness and seeing my fair share of physiotherapists I started to feel like my injury was something I was going to have to live with. After hearing many positive words about Pete and his work through athletes at Reebok Crossfit Cardiff I decided to give him a shot.

Pete undertook a thorough gait assessment with me (something no other person ‘treating’ me had done) methodically analysing my movements to identify my weaknesses. The result, Pete explaining lack of mobility in my ankle was having a knock on effect through my body causing discomfort in my leg.

Pete applied his expert knowledge to teach me how to move more freely, during my time with Pete he has giving me simple but effective exercises to work on in my own time. Pete found the root cause of my injury and didn’t just try to treat the immediate issue.

4 months later and I’ve almost forgotten I had a long term nagging injury that was holding me back. I can 100% recommend Pete and his methods, he has provided me with real long term results. He’s an around awesome guy and even months down the line he checks on my progress giving me pointers to improve even more. Thanks Pete.

Mark Groves

Pete helped me with some knee pain that I had struggled with for some time and which slowly started to worry me. It took Pete only 30 minutes to find the cause of the pain and give me the right homework for it to go away and stay gone. Pete is a very nice and attentive person and I recommend him to everybody.

Lea Klein

Just had my first session down Altantic way crossfit with Pete and feeling great! He is very knowledgeable and I cant recommend him enough.

Mike Powell – Coach, Atlantic Way CrossFit

I was recommended to see Pete as I was struggling to increase the distance I was able to run and also experiencing pains in my lower legs during and after the runs, Pete has a great way of extracting all the vital information about issue and how it affects you, then using a wide range of alternative motion stretches, fatiguing and slow-motion recording techniques you can see for yourself where your problems are. The adjustments and advice offered solved the problems time and time again

Thanks to Pete, I was able to run my first 10k, Half Marathon and am now looking forward to running 10k’s without even thinking, next year’s Cardiff 1/2 again and maybe even a Triathlon!

If you have any sort of physical functionality issue, I would strongly recommend booking in with Pete, he’s a top guy, has the knowledge, the experience and won’t give up until you’re sorted.

Chris Cousins

If anyone is having problems with their movements, have recurring injuries or want to improve mobility please get in touch with Pete. I have been suffering with shoulder pain for a number of days and have been assessed via Skype and given exercises to go away with.

My shoulder pain has been relieved by doing hip mobility exercises!!!! He is incredible at what he does and you’ be amazed when he tells you the root of your problem isn’t actually the problem itself!

Get in touch, you won’t regret it!

Lucy Brown – Personal Trainer

Awesome insight in how to improve your movement and mobility! Loads of great things to go away with. Pete is a great guy to work with, couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

I first went to Pete due to a sudden back injury. I was unable to train and was in quite a lot of pain. Pete assessed my movement patterns and discovered some issues I had. Over several sessions he addressed these and had me back training and even lifting heavy again. His functional rehab has given me confidence in my training again and the exercises have become part of my warm up routine. I have seen a huge improvement in my mobility and I put this down to functional rehab. Thanks Pete.

Mike O’Shea – Atlantic Way CrossFit

Having spent two frustrated months trying to get back to running pain free, I decided to give Pete’s movement therapy a try. After just one session I could feel a real difference in how I was running. With each session I am learning more and more about the difference between how my body IS moving, and how it SHOULD be moving. Pete is really positive in his approach, and being able to have exercises to take away with you and work on, really helps keep you focused on training your body to move correctly again. Would highly recommend Pete.

Emma Griffiths

I was recommended to see Pete initially to get some help with my squat technique. It is one of my weaker movements and I wanted to see if there was anything that I was doing wrong and get some advice on my technique.

However, what I ended up receiving from Pete went much much further than just working on my squat!

Pete went completely back to basics and reviewed all aspects of my movement and mobility. Discovering that I had a tight foot that was in turn causing a weakness with my hip supplied answers to many frustrations over the years! I must say my favourite part of our sessions together was my morning foot massage!

Pete went through various tests and analysed my movements using special software that made it even clearer for me to understand what he was telling me. He advised me on mobility movements and stretches to perform daily and before and after workouts. I also now appreciate how valuable our feet are and that most people neglect them day to day especially with incorrect footwear. I am now very familiar with a hockey ball and spend many evenings massaging my feet with it!

Results wise I could not be happier! The work Pete in on my movement and mobility transformed my attitude to warming up and to post workout stretching. It became easier to run and my technique feelssmoother and more fluid. In fact, I knocked almost 3 minutes of my PB for my half marathon! I also managed a 1RM back squat to full range of 0.94% BW – I am chasing 1.0%BW as part of my targets over the next few months and with Pete’s information and advice I am confident that I will achieve my target!

Hanna Guise

I went for a run (to the bottom of my street) on bank holiday Monday and had to turn back and say hello again to my neighbours I just passed because my knee screamed at me in pain. I’d been to the doctors a fortnight before and all I got was ‘Ibruprofen three times a day’ with no improvement after 10 days. Pete got in touch that day and an hour Skype session managed to get me moving with much less pain. Have worked with Pete for years and even though I now live in London, I won’t work with anybody else!

Bethan Davies

Pete is a lovely and friendly guy who helped me with a glute problem and got me back to normal within a week of doing his exercises. With careful pre assessments including video analysis he was able to dedicate exercises for me to work on by myself. I now feel good as new and recommend him to others in need of mobility work!

Jeni Thomas

If you are interested in maximising your human potential then I cannot recommend Pete enough. Legit.

Jon Hares – Co-owner, Reebok CrossFit Cardiff

Thank you so much for your help, after having this niggling pain for nearly 3 weeks an having it set me back in my training, we went through just a few exercises an lifting a 15kg bar without pain felt awesome cheers highly recommended.

Gemma Clowes