Get Back To Training After Injury With The Movement Specialists

Pete Fry – Movement Specialist

Welcome To Sport Function

I’m Pete Fry – a Movement Specialist – and I’ve been helping people get back to training after injury, surgery and long-term pain since 2014.

Unfortunately many people struggle with painful movement for months, weeks or years following injury or surgery…due to incomplete rehabilitation, too much too soon or BAD rehab advice!

The good news that when you follow the right rehab strategy you can get back to exercise, training or sport in minimal time and get lasting rehab results.

Our unique approach based in biomechanics, skill development and pain-science provides you with the long-term solution to help you finally get out of pain and get back to training and moving and performing at your best.

Injury & Chronic Pain Rehab

Get back to exercise, training or sport in minimum time and avoid the common rehab mistakes



Regain strength, flexibility and confidence in your movement after surgery



Uncover the inefficiencies in your movement that are holding you back in rehab and training


Rehab & Training

Reach your specific training goals and maximise your athletic performance


Our approach has helped hundreds of people return to their training, sport or passion, often after months or years of injury, pain and frustration….

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