How To Master The Movements Of Your Sport And Consistently Perform At Your Best

Assessing speed and agility

To reach the top of your sport, you have to move like a pro and perform like a pro.

Each sport is different and therefore requires different skills, different kinds of strength and each uses different energy systems (anaerobic, lactate and aerobic).

To attain transferable strength and skill for you sport, you need to train the movements, skills and energy systems required for your sport in a specific, measurable way.

At Sport Function we offer a 3 step process to help you train in exactly the right way for you sport…

Stage 1 – Sport Specific Movement Analysis

Assessing the golf swing as part of Pete’s hand rehab program following surgery

The first stage is movement analysis. In this assessment, the specific movements of your sport are broken down and you are filmed performing these movements.

The movement of every bone, joint and muscle is plotted in 3 dimensions and your movement inefficiencies are brought to the surface.

Let’s say you play basketball and want to improve your layup shot in both height and accuracy.

First we will film the movement in slow motion and analyse your movements in fine detail.

We would then get to work on improving the efficiency of your movement, to help you jump higher and develop the skill of throwing while in the air.

Stage 2 – Rehab & Training

Training in the environment of thee sport is crucial for the best possible carry-over

Once we have analysed your sport specific movements and know the areas where you perform well and the areas where you don’t perform well, we can go about addressing your movement and performance issues in isolation and globally, building better skills into your movement and improving your performance.

In Training & Therapy, we work on issues such as:

  • Balance/stability
  • Bone sequencing
  • Muscle “imbalances”
  • Sport specific skill
  • Sport specific strength
  • Reaction

Stage 3 – Sport Specific Programming

The ongoing process is to build a sport specific program help you keep progress with the specific skills and fitness required for your sport while at the same time avoiding the kind of training that will ultimately make you worse at your sport!

Premium Sports Performance Package

In our Premium Sports Performance Package we will work with you for 3 months (or longer) and guide you through our entire process – from movement analysis to training.

How It Works

dani (2)
Assessing knee movement on landing

We will work with you every week for 12 weeks, in person or online, completing movement analysis, therapy and training on a weekly basis.

Every week we will watch video of you move and measure your performance improvements by how you look when you move, how you feel when you move, as well as the specific performance goals we define (eg. run faster).

What You Get

In our 12 week Sports Performance Package you’ll get:

  • 12 weeks of training in person or online
  • Full video movement analysis
  • Movement, skill and fitness testing
  • Bone by bone, joint by joint, muscle by muscle break down of your movement
  • Defined 12 weeks goals and outcomes
  • Injury rehab and management
  • Comprehensive training programs to complete around your current training schedule

The Benefits

After completing out 12 week Sports Performance Package you’ll get:

  • Improved movement
  • Increased skill
  • More fitness/less fatigue playing or performing your sport
  • A comprehensive idea of your strengths, weaknesses
  • A long-term strategy to follow in your own training

There are many more!

This is the perfect opportunity to get better at your sport with the help of Professional Movement Coaching.

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    Here’s what clients are saying…

    “Prior to working with Pete, like many people, I based my training programme on a combination of “conventional wisdom” and the results of online research into sports science trends (which is a minefield of often-unqualified opinion).

    Pete is very good at focusing on specific training objectives, tailoring one-to-one sessions accordingly. It’s a very different approach and makes perfect, logical sense when explained by Pete.

    Regarding my sessions, I’ve had a history of groin and hip flexor injuries and tried many different rehab strategies, with limited success. Amongst other things, Pete designed a warm-up routine that targets the area of my previous injuries and, whilst some of the movements make me look ridiculous, they have kept me injury free through a pretty tough training year (which seems like a fair trade).

    I think most people start working with Pete as a form of injury rehabilitation and, presumably like most people, I spent only a small proportion of my sessions focusing on this rehab. The majority of the sessions were then spent on improving the primary skills required for my sport.

    So, I strongly recommend working with Pete if you have injuries to rehabilitate…but I also recommend working with Pete if you don’t have any injuries and simply wish to improve your performance.”

    – Gareth Revell, Touch Player & Coach (Cardiff Raptors & Wales)

    I must first start by saying I cannot thank Pete enough for his time and continued help to improve my overall mobility and especially my hip mobility.

    I compete in top level dressage competitions, so correct posture is of great importance to achieve accurate transitions with my horse and therefore gain high scores.

    I have been riding since before I could even walk according to my parents and obviously over this time bad habits have crept in, one of my biggest being collapsing to the left, causing the saddle to twist and make clean transitions almost impossible. My horse would often strike off on the wrong leg, because my weight distribution in the saddle was incorrect.

    I met Pete and he spotted my reduced mobility in the way I was running, although it has never caused me pain when I run, the decreased range of motion of my hip does have a knock on effect when I ride for a long period of time at competitions, causing me lumber pain.

    I have been training with Pete for around 4 months now, working on every aspect of function and mobility that is affecting me, predominantly working on my squat technique, as this engages all of the range of motion I can find difficult when pushed out of my comfort zone.

    It is very easy to think you are moving correctly but if you are asked to move in a motion you are not used to, you suddenly find that weakness and movement then suddenly becomes very difficult!
    I can feel the results for myself, I am no longer getting lower back pain, my saddle is not twisting and my horse is obviously far happier!

    My dressage instructor has seen a massive improvement in my riding technique and ability. I am over the moon and haven’t felt better!”

    – Emma Hollingworth, Equestrian Competitor


    “I’ve been working with Pete since the beginning of February, when I decided I wanted to up my game in roller derby.

    In this time I’ve seen drastic improvements in both my performance on track and my all-round athletic ability as a whole.

    He came and saw me train, assessed my movement/mobility and has constructed a plan unique to me.

    He’s been an invaluable source of knowledge and has made my sessions challenging but incredible fun.

    If you are looking to improve your sports performance, up your strength or rehabilitate from injury then Pete is the guy for you. Cannot recommend him enough!”

    – Joanne Elizabeth, Tiger Bay Brawlers Roller Derby Team

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    If you want to take a step in right direction to start improving at your sport, fill in your details below to book a session: