Discover The Hidden Movement Problems Holding You Back…

When we move we don’t really know how we move…we just move.

A running assessment, 12 weeks apart

We can use a specific technique or ‘form’ to move – in the gym or in sport, for example – but ultimately the sequence of movement our body produces (biomechanics) are a function of our physiology, skill level, experience, environment and more…

Movement inefficiencies or poor skill can lead to a drop in performance and some cases injury…

…though there are usually multiple factors at play.

If you need a closer look at your movement then a Movement Assessment can help…

Movement Assessment

A Movement Assessment will help you discover the nuances in your movement that may be holding you back in training and contributing to your pain or performance problems.

Discovering the hidden details in your movement can reveal BIG things about why your movement is causing you problems…

A full Movement Assessment will help you:

Squat assessment
  • Discover your restrictions in range, strength or stability
  • Assess your biomechanics – how your bones, joints and muscles move
  • Uncover your movement inefficiencies…and move away from them!
  • Finally get an effective rehab strategy in place to help you get back to moving and performing at your best

…and much more.

After your Movement Assessment you’ll have greater awareness of your body, know exactly how you move, what to avoid and what to do to move forward in your training.

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    Cameron overcame his persistent training injuries and get race-ready…

    “Finished up an amazing 12 week program with @sportfunction and even though this picture shows some great visual improvements, more importantly I feel like I’m running so much better. Running feels easier and a feel like I’m floating along trails right now.”

    “3 months of training has lead me to my first big race this year in 10 days time. The first time I’ve got myself to the start line without a major setback” – Cameron Lacey-Coles

    More Testimonials

    Following quad tendon reattachment surgery, John returned to cycling and running pain-free…

    “After 6 months I have returned to pre-injury levels of endurance, cycled to Tenby (100+ miles) and now running 5k around my PB time, pain-free.

    I’d thoroughly recommend Pete to anyone wanting to return to sport post injury.

    – John Cook

    After years of hip pain and movement limitations, Lisa has returned to regular exercise…

    “After struggling with left hip/glute/hamstring pain for 3-4 years I was resigned to the fact that this was something I had to live with, until I found Pete.

    Now I’m virtually pain-free, can move more freely and feel so much stronger.”

    -Lisa Bass

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